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Vickie M.



"I was at a horrible crossroads in my old life of60 years. Never had to do anything like this. Vannova Legal does a free interview to see if you qualify for bankruptcy. They are very compassionate and knowledgeable. They go over everything with you, shows the cost of everything and how it can be done. They let you make payments at your leisure, absolutely no pressure. Very friendly and will always call you back. Their paralegal department are wonderful people also. Can handle everything thru email. Will talk on the phone if you need to talk to someone as well. They saved me from myself. I felt humiliated that I had to do this, but they always made sure to reaffirm that I was not a bad person and that is what bankruptcy was for. They are wonderful! I agree with other people, making payments sold me too!"

Grace C.

Phoenix, Arizona


"I never filed bankruptcy before and didn't know how to go about selecting the right attorney. I picked Vannova Legal because they offered the best price, but fortunately they are also experts and care about the details. I had no idea that was so important, but I ended up delaying my filing on their advice and saved over $5 thousand. I'm so grateful!"

Happy Client

Phoenix, AZ

"We hired Andrew to represent us in extremely contentious litigation. He was masterful! The strategies he recommended resulted in a positive financial outcome for us. His detailed knowledge also saved us time. Although he is a bulldog when necessary, we found him to be respectful and saw that he was respected even by the opposing party. I highly recommend him for any matters in bankruptcy court."

K. Perkins

Yuma, AZ

"I was really impressed with Andrew's experience and knowledge of bankruptcies... I had met with other attorneys but I felt most confident with Andrew and his expertise. He handled my case with ease and I felt like he had everything under control."



"Matthew was so great during such a hard time for me. I had no idea how to handle a bankruptcy or what I was going to do and he explained things to me in a way I could understand. He also helped me figure out what options were best for me and my future. His calm, friendly demeanor helped reassure me that everything would be ok."

Jared Giese

Phoenix, AZ

"I was way upside down on my mortgage between my first and second and unable to pay my bills. When I called to ask about bankruptcy I learned I could get rid of my second mortgage and do a loan mod on my first. I can’t believe I spent all that time trying to do the loan mod by myself. These guys know what they’re doing."


Murray, UT

"My wife and I tried doing a bankruptcy on our own and we almost got divorced over it. We had no idea what we were doing because we were trying to "save money". We even asked another attorney some pretty basic questions but he seemed to have no interest in helping us without us paying him hundreds of dollars first. The free consultation and being able to make payments is what sold us on Vannova Legal. It was a plus that the staff was kind and helpful."

David & Cindy M.

Scottsdale, Arizona


"We thought loan mods were a fantasy, but Vannova Legal proved us wrong. We was planning to abandon our home, but when we filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy Vannova Legal was able to strip the second mortgage and modify the first mortgage. We got a truly fresh start and were able to keep our home. They are awesome!"

Sandra A.

Phoenix, Arizona


"I was hesitant to hire any third party to help with loan modifications because of all the scams you hear about. I am pleased to say that Vannova Legal really does understand loan mods. For a small monthly fee they took over the entire process and got a modification approved that fits my budget. I would definitely recommend them."

Kathy H.

Midvale, Utah


"I was facing foreclosure and trying to do a loan modification on my own. Days before the trustee sale Vannova Legal was able to step in, stop the sale, and get the modification approved. Other attorneys I spoke with wouldn’t touch my case for less than $4,000. Vannova Legal only charged me $500 a month. It’s such a relief to have this behind me."

Stephen O.

Orem, Utah


"The bank declined my short sale and threatened foreclosure. Vannova Legal filed a lawsuit and I was able to stay in my home for two additional years and completed the short sale that eliminated $250,000 in debt. Vannova Legal will fight hard on your behalf."

Stacey A.

Gilbert, Arizona


"I've never been so overwhelmed by finances in my life! I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found Vannova Legal. They explained my options to me and how bankruptcy would affect my life. They were with me at every turn. Thank you for everything!"

Jim Sanders & Juanita Lee


"The staff at Vannova really came through for my aged mother and myself. Long story short, they went the extra mile and did things no other attorney I know would do without billing for their time. They were always responsive, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. I just can't say enough about our experience with a potentially unpleasant situation. I can only assume that any attorney and Paralegal team you wind up with at Vannova will be just as diligent and provide excellent service for the dollar. Thank you and God Bless."

Steven B.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"We were upside down with our finances and just days away from foreclosure. Vannova Legal was able to step in, stop the foreclosure, and get our debt all consolidated. Now I don’t worry about foreclosure and have been able to move on with my life."


Ogden, Utah

"Matt and his team are the best! They were very helpful, kind, and made the whole process so easy! I would recommend this firm to everyone, they are awesome!"

Taylor H.

Price, Utah


"Matt is awesome! He really takes the time to explain how everything works, and to answer any questions you might have. I will totally recommend him!"

Jeremiah J.

Hurricane, Utah


"I could not have picked a better team to represent me in my bankruptcy than Vannova Legal. The reason I went with Vannova Legal is because of how friendly and helpful Rebekah is. From the very first time I called, to every call after that. She answered every question I had without having to put me on hold or having to call me back. She also kept me notified of everything going on and of the things I needed to do without me having to ask. Thank you so much for helping me get through this. I would recommend you guys to anyone. Thanks again."

Roger H.

Logan, Utah


"Every one at vannova legal especially Jenny did an outstanding job at resolving my needs. Thank you all very much."

Stephen & Angie H.

Salt Lake city, Utah


"Vannova Legal was the absolute best ever. My husband and I tried to go through bankruptcy in 2010 and it was a complete nightmare we almost got a divorce because of it and never got our bankruptcy filed. We were completely ripped off by the other lawyer. Vannova Legal the experience was the complete opposite they helped us through this tough decision in our lives and saw it all the way through. They went out of their to make it as easy as possible. I already have sent them more business and will continue to do so. Thank you Vannova Legal!"

Mary O.

Springville, Utah


"I had such a good experience through such a difficult time. Filing due to medical issues was really tough. KC and his associates were able to get my BK processed at amazing speed. The whole experience was extremely easy - the most difficult part was making the decision to file in the first place. I appreciate all the efforts and experience of Vannova Legal and their entire team. They were so patient, understanding and friendly in a judgment-fee atmosphere. I will continue to recommend their services to friends and family in similar circumstances as myself. And if that wasn't enough...KC gave me the best tip for "Candy Crush Saga" - a game he is also addicted to... Thanks team!"

Karmen D.

Sandy, Utah


"Vannova was not only cost efficient but also helpful, friendly and prompt to answer all my questions and relieve my concerns. They were well prepared at my meeting with the creditors and completely put me at ease. I have already recommended them to family and friends."

M. Cossio

West Jordan, Utah


"Vannova Legal has been great to work with! The entire staff was knowledgeable, kind, and very detail oriented. They were quick to answer any and all of our questions. Every call or email was returned by the next business day. Would definitely recommend to anyone finding themselves in a difficult financial situation. Thanks Vannova!"

Heidi P.

Toole, Utah


"The need to file bankruptcy can be a difficult thing to come to terms with. I found the staff at Vannova Legal very knowledgable, efficient, and kind. They were quick to answer questions, phone calls, and emails. Having their professional services helped to remove a lot of the worry and burden of the process. I would recommend them to my friends and family!"

Robert J.

New Jersey


"A sheriff's sale was set for my investment property in Florida. The Vannova Legal team was able to get the sale cancelled and the lawsuit stayed. It was a painful process but my short sale was completed and my deficiency completely eliminated. I took all my frustrations out on poor Jessica but she worked tirelessly and got everything taken care of. The entire team was amazing to work with."

Darrin W.

Sandy, Utah


"My experience with Vannova was very simple, anything that was asked of them was givin prompt consideration and I am very happy with thier attention to detail. I would recommend them to my friends and family."

Hansen B.

Tempe, Arizona


"I really liked working with them. They we'reon there game. They walked me through it step by step. Thanks I will recommend you to others."

Jesse B.

Herriman, Utah


"Thank you Vannova Legal for helping clean up the mess for a guy had no other options. It's nice that we have companies that help. Honest hardworking people. I've dealt with lawyers in the past and they are so cold and crass and it was a waste of money because nothing got resolved. It's nice to know in trying times there are people that help, are understanding, and are willing to work with you. They're decent and understand people."

Shawn B.

Tempe, Arizona


"We were 4 days away from a trustee sale when Vannova Legal stepped in and stopped the foreclosure. In less than 2 months my loan was fully satisfied. Now I don't have to worry about a foreclosure or bankruptcy and I can move on with life."

Charlene C.

Orem, Utah


"I had been thinking about filing for some time but in talking with other firms and the cost involved with them was more than what I could do. Vannova was not only more cost effective for my situation but they made me feel at ease. I would recommend them to every and anyone considering bankruptcy.. A big thanks to the team there they are amazing."

Charles C.

West Valley City, Utah


"Before filing with Vannova Legal, the phone rang off the hook and our mailbox was full of mail from debt collectors. Then that all stopped. The process was friendly and thorough and we have had to call them from time to time and they still remember who we are. It is great to be treated like a human being again."

Gabe C.

Tooele, Utah


"When I decided to move ahead with filing bankruptcy, I did look around at different attorneys. They all were more expensive but most importantly was the process of it all. Other attorneys made it much more complicated where I had to do my own research and hand fill paperwork that was redundant with all of the information I was already handing in. Vannova Legal took care of all this for me; it was a much simpler process with them. Since it made the whole process less intimidating I was able to commit to bankruptcy as I had Vannova Legal backing me. Thank you to the Vannova Legal team!"

Morgan J.

Riverton, Utah


"Very friendly, great to work with, very fast at replying to you and absolutely amazing at working with them!"

Candace C.

Midvale, Utah


"Vannova Legal made a very difficult situation much easier. They made me aware of all my options, were very efficient, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Vannova Legal!"


West Valley City, Utah


"Vannova rocked! I wasn't sure what to expect and was embarrassed and sad for having to file bankruptcy but they put my fears to rest and helped me through a difficult time. I highly recommend these professionals and am happy to say they are customer service oriented and personable. thank you for all your help."

Brandon P.

Phoenix, Arizona


"I have 4 kids and was facing garnishment for old medical bills. I didn't see a way out. Vannova Legal stepped in and gave me peace of mind and a plan to keep moving forward. I wish I'd called them sooner."

R. Cooley

Bend, OR


"Vannova Legal handled my short sale on multiple investment properties in various states. They went above and beyond to resolve numerous issues to get the deals closed. As a bonus I also received over $50,000 cash back. A final transaction is pending and I expect to receive another $25,000."

Don D.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Deciding to have Vannova Legal help me with my bankruptcy has been a completely positive experience. At every step I have seen mistakes I would have made without help, and I am grateful that I didn't have to learn the hard way."

Frankie W.

Orem, Utah


"My husband and I both felt like we were in a mess with our situation. Thanks to Vannova legal, they helped us through our bankruptcy and answered every question with a quick response"

Nicole W.

Ogden, Utah


"When I made the decision to file bankruptcy I spoke with, and met with several attorneys. Besides expensive, they all made it sound like an extremely long and complicated process. When I found Vannova legal, not only did I find the best price, but I also found the very best team. They were all extremely kind and understanding. They walked me through the entire process step by step and were always available and very patient when answering my questions and dealing with my concerns. On the day of my actual discharge hearing, my lawyer drove all the way from Sandy to Ogden and was early so he could walk me through the process and how it was going to play out. SEVERAL others at the hearing had major problems because their attorney didn't even bother to show up. My lawyer was so kind and gracious he even helped some of these very stressed out people by advising them on what they should do next. Obviously bankruptcy wasn't what I hoped for overall but because of Vannova Legal the entire process was fast, easy, and even pleasant. I'd recommend them to anyone!"

Valerie T.

Tooele, Utah


"Vannova Legal really made a stressful situation a ton easier to get through. Anytime I had a question or concern I could call and feel a ton better. They are very informative, professional and friendly. I would recommend them to my friends and family for sure."

Lindsay W.

Riverton, Utah


"We hired another attorney to get our loan modification done and after about a year of paperwork we were denied. We then hired Vannova, and with their knowledgeable friendly staff, they were able to get our loan modification approved quickly!"

Marco N.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"After three previous unsuccessful attempts with other entities - some of them just plain fraudulent – it was a pleasure to find a legal firm that really cared, was very responsive and timely, kept me in the loop as soon as there were updates, and fought hard on my behalf. Dealing with big banks is not easy and having Vannova representing me was the best decision I could have made. Because of Vannova Legal’s hard work and persistence, I was able to get a loan modification that fit my budget and situation. Even when my mortgage loan was moved to a different bank, Vannova Legal kept up with all changes and never missed a step. So I found them to be professional and friendly too. I highly recommend Vannova Legal to anyone in need of a loan modification or any legal services they provide."

Charles C.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"I would like to thank everyone at Vannova Legal for helping me file all my debt without having to take out a loan from a title loan or other loan lending business, just so they could get paid and sticking me with a huge bill afterward like the other places I checked before going through Vannova Legal. It was the cheapest out of all the rest.This was the first time in a long time I was able to file for bankruptcy without it costing me more than what I owe. Kevin, Rebekah, and Matthew all played their parts well and not once did I feel like I was forced or harassed into filing. There was no pressure or no harassing phone calls wondering when I would have the money for the fees. The payment plan was set so it was convenient for me to stay on track and on time."

Junior T.

Taylorsville, Utah


"After going through a nightmare with the previous law firm that helped us prepare out Chapter 13, Vannova Legal was a breath of fresh air. They "held my hand" every step of the way, helped me get my car back, and have kept in constant contact with me throughout the process. I've already sent family members that needed help to them also. Easily the best decision."

Barbara M.

West Jordan, Utah


"Finally realizing that this was what I needed to do was so difficult. Vannova Legal helped me get through the process. They worked with me with all of my questions and were so helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone facing this difficult decision. They will help you everystep of the way!"

Paul S.

Midvale, Utah


"I looked to Vannnova Legal for my filing and was not disapointed. They gave me the piece of mind at a stressful time. Rebekah was awesome in helping me with all my questions. I would highly recomend them."

Sam V.

Sandy, Utah


"We were upside down and very close to losing our home. Luckily, we found Vannova and were able to have them help us just in time. The Vannova Team was very friendly and understanding of our needs. They were able to help us out of our financial bind and more important- helped us "live" our lives again."

T. Boyd

Goodyear, Arizona


"I thought my only option was bankruptcy, but Vannova Legal negotiated a short sale that eliminated my mortgage deficiency (which was a $250,000 shortfall!) and got me $3,000 cash back. Thank you Vannova Legal."

Diego & Mary C.

Mesa, Arizona


"We were working with the bank to stop our foreclosure and found out at the last minute they would not postpone. We were panicked but Vannova Legal took care of everything. We filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and got a loan modification approved in the bankruptcy. Vannova Legal helped us through every step."

Benjamin J.

Holladay, Utah


"I was over my head in debt. The medical bills piled up so high and I felt like I had no where to turn. My checks were starting to get garnished and I panicked!That is when I contacted Vannova Legal. They were very nice, knowledgeable and I knew I could trust them after my first meeting!They did what was best for ME, not them.Even with having Tourrette Syndrome they treated me like I mattered.I had an episode during the hearing and my lawyer representing me made everything very calming and the whole thing went smoothly!I will recommend them to everyone! THANK YOU for giving me a second chance at having a less stressful life!"

Josh R.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Vannova Legal negotiated a loan mod while I was in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The modified payment was less than half of my original payment so I could afford to keep my home. I’m fortunate Vannova Legal did what they said they would."

Scott O.

Sandy, Utah


"My lender promised a loan modification and then foreclosed. It took two years and a bankruptcy filing but Vannova Legal was able to unwind the mess and keep me in my home with a loan modification. Believe it when they say they will fight for you. They did for me."

Joseph & Anita W.

Holladay, Utah


"Before calling Vannova Legal, we called many attorneys and loan mod specialists who told us we didn’t qualify. Vannova Legal didn’t make promises, but they sure delivered. Although we couldn’t qualify for a HAMP modification, we were approved under a different program. Listen to these guys. They understand modifications."

Jose C.

Phoenix, Arizona


"I thought I could do a modification on my own but was denied days before a scheduled foreclosure sale. Vannova Legal was able to stop the sale and get my modification approved. They knew exactly what to do and didn't pull any punches. It took some time but they were able to save my home with an approved modification I can afford. I'm so grateful."

Marilynn L.

Midvale, Utah


"I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what bankruptcy chapter was right or if bankruptcy was right for me. Vannova Legal explained all of my options and helped me understand the risk and consequences of each of them."

Jose L.

Holladay, Utah


"Thinking about filing bankruptcy was the hardest thing my wife and I ever went through together. It was so stressful not knowing what to do! We're so happy we found Vannova Legal! Thank you!"

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