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Stop Garnishment in Arizona or Utah

Need to Stop Garnishment in Arizona or Utah?

Creditors often use wage garnishment to collect amounts owed to them. When this happens your employer is required to deduct up to 25% of your hard-earned paycheck and turn it over to your creditor. These deductions can cause further damage because you may not have enough to pay rent, car payments, or utilities due to the reduced income.


Why Vannova Legal

Vannova Legal professionals understand how debilitating a wage garnishment can be. We help individuals avoid garnishments before they occur or recover garnished wages after the fact. Our team knows the steps needed to act quickly to protect your income from wage garnishment. We ensure any wage garnishments which can be recovered will be returned to you in a timely manner.


Solutions to Stop Garnishment

If you are aware of a possible wage garnishment, it is best to call us before it happens. We can often negotiate a settlement and avoid bankruptcy. If your wage garnishment has already occurred, we can usually recover the wages by filing bankruptcy. Meet with us to determine if a Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 11 bankruptcy is right for you. However, you must act fast to meet bankruptcy guidelines.

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