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Solutions to Stop Foreclosure, Garnishment, & Repossession

Facing Foreclosure in Arizona or Utah?

If you are behind on your mortgage, facing foreclosure, or owe more than your home is worth, Vannova Legal can help.


Why Vannova Legal

Vannova Legal professionals have defended homeowners from foreclosure since the start of the housing downturn. We have seen first hand the tactics of the banks and have become experts at identifying causes of action and strategies for our clients. We don’t file form lawsuits and hope for delay. When we litigate, we systematically review every loan document, title document, securitization document and foreclosure document and identify causes of action unique to each case. We stay current on related case law and follow the foreclosure defense industry nationwide. As a matter of necessity when dealing with the big banks, we are aggressive and tenacious in our defense of our clients.


Solutions to Stop Foreclosure

Although we are equipped to fight hard when appropriate, we know that most of our clients are battle weary and simply want a realistic, cost-effective solution that gives them a chance at a fresh start. Vannova Legal offers complete solutions to homeowners facing foreclosure, including:

We'll consult with you, review the details of your situation, and then define the legal options that fit your situation and budget.



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Jose L., Holladay, Utah
"Thinking about filing bankruptcy was the hardest thing my wife and I ever went through together...
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Diego and Mary C., Mesa, Arizona
"We were working with the bank to stop our foreclosure...
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Kathy H., Salt Lake City, Utah
"I was facing foreclosure and trying to do a loan modification on my own...
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